Our Exotix paintwork can make your Falcon into a true work of art.

Imagine real automotive finishes... industrial quality paints under deep layers of glossy clearcoats. This is the same baked-on, tough as nails paintwork that exotic cars get. But your color choice isn't limited to a handful of options like with a car. Any color of automotive paint, from any manufacturer, from any model year - any shade that can be mixed, we can do. Flat colors. Metallics. and even Pearlescents. Any color that you can imagine your Falcon becoming, we can create. Whether you want a color that will grab attention from across a tradeshow floor, or just a subtle shade to complement your office decor, our Exotix paintwork can make your dream a reality.

"You can’t truly appreciate the paint job on Falcon Northwest’s Mach V unless you can fondle it. We mean it—you just can’t comprehend how damn smooth the paint is without lovingly stroking your hand on the side of this beauty."

Maximum PC


We can can create (or re-create) almost anything you can dream.

Anything from simple company logos to photographs to completely original works of art. Want to impress your clients by presenting on a laptop painted in your company colors and emblazoned with your company logo? Or perhaps you want a one-of-a-kind, hand-airbrushed work of art based on a favorite image you have? Almost any look for your Falcon is possible. With our painted and UV-LED printed systems the only common theme is that almost no two are alike.


  1. Got a color in mind? Choose your ideal paint: flat, metallic or candy?

    Flat paints have a smooth, even color that is relatively consistent regardless of the angle of light on it. Flats can be the most subtle type of paint when using dark colors, or like this Ferrari red, they can be most vivid. Our layers of glossy clearcoats will give any shade of flat a brilliant shine.

  2. Metallics

    Metallic paints have tiny particles of crushed metal suspended in them, and when you look closely you'll see the flakes sparkle in the light. Metallic paints are much more dynamic than flats, shifting from a bright shade of the color in direct light to darker shades in diffuse light. Metallics are the most popular type of paint. The vast majority of cars are painted with metallic paints, and giving us the paint name you like from a specific model and year of car is a great way to let us know exactly the color you want.

  3. Candy

    Candy colors are a multi-layered paint that is more labor-intensive to apply, and thus slightly more expensive than flat or metallic colors. First, we paint the entire system in a bright silver metallic basecoat. Then after baking the silver on, a second color-tinted coat of transparent “candy” is applied over the silver base. The final effect is brilliant. It’s like looking into a deep, colored mirror. Candy tints are limited to about a dozen colors, but they’re some of the best looking Exotix paintjobs we produce.

  4. Need your Falcon to match a specific color? We can do that.

    We can mix a paint to match the color of your company logo, your favorite team color, or even your favorite shirt. We can match any reference color you can send us, via emailed reference image, or even a physical sample of your item. We'll use our color measurement equipment to match it exactly in a flat paint, or we can even tweak it to the closest metallic match. Our clients have sent us all sorts of items for specific Exotix requests. We've matched Pantone color swatches, nail polishes, a desk, the shirt on the covergirl from the April 1990 issue of PlayBoy, and our personal favorite: this baby blanket.

  5. Can't decide on a color? Maybe color-shifting is for you.

    The strangest and most exotic type of paints are color-shifting, or prismatic formulas. These paint formulas contain millions of tiny glass flakes that act like prisms, reflecting different shades as you move around them, or as the direction of the light source changes. They are only available on a few specific color bands, such as the purple-blue-teal "ChromaLusion" paint seen here. Usually sprayed as a second coat over a base coat of black or silver, they are both labor intensive and more expensive than standard paints. However on a laptop, or desktop with curves such as the FragBox or Talon, they produce an undeniably cool effect.


  1. Our logo or yours?

    All of our custom paintwork includes a Falcon logo in a contrasting color on the lid and keyboard deck of our laptops, and they are optional on the sides of our desktop systems. We also do custom logos as well.

  2. What's your company image?

    Imagine someone brings out their laptop to present something to you, but instead of the standard black plastic rectangle, the richly painted Exotix laptop has your attention before the presentation even starts. Nothing makes your company image stand out like presenting on systems in your company colors, with your company logo. Falcon Northwest laptops look like they were made just for you or your organization, because they are.

  3. Summon the elements: Clouds

    One of the most subtle, yet beautiful art effects we create we call "clouds". The cloud effect is done as a 4 or 5-stage paint process: first the system is painted in a basecoat of black, and clear-coated. After baking that on, our artist hand-airbrushes silver on in a mottled, cloud-like effect. If the desired color is silver, it's then clear-coated. For colored clouds, a tinted candy transparent color layer is applied over the silver, then it's clear-coated again.

  4. Summon the elements: Rain

    Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind Exotix paintjob? No two versions of our "rain" paint theme are ever the same. Each droplet, and every drip, is hand-painted. Available in red, green, purple, orange, teal, silver & blue, with standard or "watery" Falcon logos.

  5. Summon the elements: Fire

    The classics never go out of style, and flame paintjobs are a perennial favorite. Each Exotix flame paintjob is hand-airbrushed and no two are ever alike. They are available in classic orange, but also blue, green, purple - even silver.

  6. The ultimate aesthetic option: The Falcon PC as canvas

    The most visually obvious example of Falcon Northwest PCs that sets us apart from mass-market PC companies is our custom airbrush artwork. Quite simply, no other PC builder has the artistic talent, or is willing to spend the time to offer the vast range of custom art services we do. If it can be achieved in liquid automotive paints, we can do it. We've re-interpreted paintings by Monet onto laptops. We've created stunning original pieces of art. We've done work for CEOs and Hollywood elites, some of which you'll see in our gallery... and some we can't show. But no matter what your dream system looks like, we can realize your vision.