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PC World unboxes our 12th Gen "Alder Lake" Talon

"Who shops at Falcon Northwest? Richard Garriott, Gabe Newell & Tim Sweeney." The legendary hardware reviewer Gordon Mah Ung name-drops some of our gaming legend clientele as he unboxes our latest Talon. It's decked out in custom intel Alder Lake artwork and loaded up. And Gordon gives you the benchmarks to show you whether it's time to move to Windows 11 for your next Falcon.

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You could win this Halo Infinite themed Talon!

You could win the ultimate Halo Infinite PC from The Ultimate AMD Giveaway! AMD & The Game Awards are giving you the chance to win this one-of-a-kind Halo Infinite themed Talon. It's one of the most loaded prize PCs we've ever done, featuring the Radeon 6900XT Halo Limited Edition graphics card, a massive 24-core AMD Threadripper 3960X CPU, 128GB of Kingston Fury memory, ASUS Republic of Gamers motherboard, 8TB of NVMe storage & printed with ultra high-resolution Halo Infinite artwork. All this could be yours! Check out our facebook page to see more of this beautiful system and find out how to enter.

Forbes reviews our latest Intel 12th Gen "Alder Lake" Talon

"even though new PC gaming platforms are undeniably exciting, all this freshly formed silicon practically pales in comparison to the care with which Falcon Northwest compiles its hardware. As you’ll read, the Talon’s guts are rather unrivaled at this point, but its the renowned Pacific Northwest company’s relentless dedication to quality that truly shines here."

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Everything you need to know about an Alder Lake Falcon Northwest PC in 6 minutes

Hot Hardware's Keith May gives a fantastic summary review in this video of our latest Alder Lake Talon systems. A few benchmark tables to show you how the new Intel 12th Gen CPU stacks up against other options, some power draw numbers, and a great video overview of what a Talon system looks like on the inside. (note: custom outside art theme by intel is not standard)

See the video here

PC Perspective reviews our first Intel 12th Gen "Alder Lake" Talon

"I won’t mince words. Falcon Northwest makes the best damn computer I’ve ever seen."

That about sums up their thoughts on the Talon. Their thoughts on the new Alder Lake platform took the form of a dozen benchmark charts where Intel proved they are back and ready to be in your next gaming rig!

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Rack-mounted PCs have never been home or business friendly. They're usually made with the cheapest cases - hot, loud, and ugly - and suitable only for use in a separate server room no human will be in. Falcon's new RAK 4U rackmount changes all of that. Beautiful, solid, cool, and quiet enough for Home Theater racks or even audio production, this is the rackmount you would expect from Falcon Northwest.

TLX laptops are back in stock

Finally! Our TLX thin-and-light notebook with Nvidia 30-Series graphics and Intel 11th Gen Core processors is back in stock! Customize them both inside and outside to fit your performance needs with the look you want.

The Radeon™ 6900 XT Liquid Cooled

Featuring the breakthrough AMD RDNA™ 2 architecture, it's the newest top-of-the-line AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics card, engineered to deliver the best of 4K gaming that Radeon has to offer. Available in our Talon mid-towers.

"If you want a well-designed, well-tested, hand-built, lifetime-supported gaming system without compromise, Falcon Northwest is the place to get it."

"I built my previous two gaming PCs, so I was reluctant to go the pre-built route, but the 2021 GPU/CPU shortage forced my hand. Falcon NW was not the cheapest option, but their decades-long reputation for quality and support made the decision an easy one. I had high expectations for my PC, and when it arrived it far exceeded all of them!"

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The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is now shipping

The long-rumored "Ti" version of NVIDIA's top consumer card has arrived! Slotting in above the already crazy-fast RTX 3080, but without the premium price of the RTX 3090, the 3080 Ti is going to be the most sought-after GeForce in years.

The Destiny 2 themed Talon contest has a winner!

Congratulations go out to Paul Benson on winning the incredible Destiny 2 themed Talon! With over 680,000 entries, the contest was a big hit, and we're thrilled it was won by a true gamer! Bungie worked with us to come up with this gorgeous art theme with Destiny 2 characters both inside and out. Thanks to Hot Hardware Destiny 2 themed Talon contest for hosting the contest, and AMD for providing the Ryzen & Radeon power. You can see more images of this PC in our Gallery.

Talon wins Hot Hardware's "Recommended" Award

Our Talon with the latest Intel Core i9-11900K "Rocket Lake" CPU & GeForce RTX 3090 is in from HotHardware: "straight to the point, the Talon kicks all kinds of tail. The decked out configuration that landed on our doorstep is a beautifully crafted PC, first and foremost. Falcon Northwest's obsessive attention to detail is part of the reason why these systems cost a premium. From ultra-clean wiring management with braided cables, to the personalized laser-etched nameplate, the overall craftsmanship is on another level". It kicked butt on the benchmarks too, where the PCMark scores were particularly fun: "The Talon manages to grip onto another first-place finish, and not just in the overall scoring, where it led the pack by anywhere from 10.9 percent to 33.5 percent. This was a clean sweep. We don't often see systems dunk on the competition in all four scoring categories...". Read the full review here.

Watch Jack Black unbox his new custom Talon

See Jack Black unbox his new custom Talon for his YouTube channel, Jablinski Games! Jack sent us an array of crazy graphics for us to UV print on his Talon, and it's one of the wildest looking systems we've ever made. It even made the Tenacious D themed PC we did for him in the 2000's look tame.

Two "Black" mugs!