High performance PCs are all we do

We make PCs for people who care about their system and how it is supported. We don't pretend to make the cheapest office PCs. We don't make printer ink or cell phones. We focus strictly on high performance desktop and laptop PCs. We're the best at what we do because it's all we do.

"As other companies flood the market with cheap competitors and budget builds, few have stayed true to their mission as staunchly as Falcon"

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Falcon Northwest is the only high-end PC builder to design all of our own desktop cases

The case is the critical framework and look of your system, but few smaller PC builders take the time and expense to design them anymore. Most just grab an off-the shelf case that you can get anywhere. The giant PC corporations mass produce their designs to be the cheapest sheet-metal and plastic cases that an assembly line can crank out. Falcon is different. Our case designs are the pride of our company, precisely engineered and constantly refined. And each system's form follows its function, not a price target.

"Falcon Northwest continues to edge out their competition with thoughtful design, attention to detail, and uncompromising performance."



A quick read through our customer feedback will reveal a common theme: when you buy a PC, you’re not just buying hardware, you’re also buying the company. The people that make up that company, their knowledge and passion for what they do, make all the difference in the products and service you receive. Our systems are built by hand by technicians who are passionate about PCs. The average employee at Falcon Northwest has over eleven years with the company.

"It's nice to do business with a company where the customer is a person rather than a number."

Charlie Apling


Although the majority of our business is still building individual PCs for personal and office use, our unique products have brought us a lot of larger clientele as well. Military, aerospace, technology, game development, virtual reality, entertainment, medical and university clients all use Falcon PCs where off-the-shelf systems aren't enough. Every client we work for has their own unique set of needs, which is why we custom build every system to order. What can we build for you?

"It’s rare that we are so impressed with a piece of equipment, but Falcon Northwest’s Tiki inspired awe from everyone who used it. For government offices that need blazing performance in a tiny package, it’s a perfect choice."

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