Every client is unique. So is every Falcon.

Our systems don't have model A, B, or C. In fact, almost no two PCs we build are identical. Because each of our clients has their own idea of a dream machine, we custom build all of our systems. While we provide example systems like those that you'll see in press reviews, you are free to pick and choose exactly the hardware that will meet your needs, right down to the color. Everything from the component loadout to the RescueDrive to the laser-etched nameplate are created specifically for you. Want to learn more about how we build our systems? Just scroll down.... Ready to jump in and learn about a particular model? Click here to see our Desktops, or here to see our Laptops.

"What you get from Falcon Northwest is their exquisite craftsmanship. Open the case, and it's so clean and neat you'd think it wasn't fully built yet."

Computer Games


There are no assembly lines at Falcon. We build our systems by hand.

The way we build used to be considered "old-school". Now with the popularity of artisan products, our production method is in fashion. We've been around longer than the labels. For us, it’s just the way we’ve always done it: one technician building one system specifically for one client. It's a decidedly labor-intensive and time consuming way to produce technology products, but we believe that the finer things in life are made by caring hands.

"the fit and finish of the Tiki – it bears more in common to fine Swiss watches than it does to the plastic, corner cutting machines you’ll see lining the aisles of Best Buy."



We test unlike anyone else.

We take our hardware quality very seriously. Our clientele includes many organizations doing mission-critical work. From calculating the orbits for a Jupiter space probe like JPL, performing forensic analysis like our law enforcement clients, or the “they could tell us what they’re doing but then they’d have to kill us” work our military and defense contractor clients do, they all need PCs they can depend on. So we treat every build like it's mission critical, and we test our hardware like no one else. Every system gets three days of exhaustive “burn-in” torture testing to weed out any weak components, ensuring you’re delivered only the best hardware possible. If it's overclocked, we run burn-in again. We simulate months of stress using synthetic and real world apps, and we perform hundreds of quality checks and benchmark tests (and we give you the checklists to prove it).

"Falcon's attention to detail is legendary, these guys are the pioneers of the gaming PC after all "

Firing Squad


Falcon PCs are not made on assembly lines in China or supported by a call center outsourced to India.
They're built and supported right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Many companies in tech industries have started sending their technical support jobs overseas. We don't believe in that. And we don't believe an outside technical support company can ever support you like the company that built the product in the first place. We know our systems. We support our systems.