Itty-bitty living space.

The Tiki has garnered rave reviews from its owners and the press since its first release. It was PC Mag’s highest rated desktop PC of 2015 & just named C|Net's Best Gaming Desktop of 2020. It has become a favorite of Virtual Reality users and Creators due to its power and portability. Our new 16-core AMD Ryzen & 14-Core Intel CPU and Quadro graphics options have taken it from being a gamer's dream to an unbelievably powerful workstation so small you can hide it behind the monitor. To this day, Tiki has no parallel in power-per-cubic-inch.

"Put simply: The Tiki doesn't have a weakness. It is the perfect desktop PC in both form and function."



Despite its tiny size, the Tiki can still handle impressive loadouts:

  • Supports the fastest full-size, double-width graphics cards ever made
  • Up to 650 Watt power supplies
  • Up to 64GB of DDR4
  • Liquid-cooled CPUs all the way up to AMD's Ryzen 3950X 16-core & Intel's i9-10940X with 14 cores
  • Slot-loading Blu-Ray or DVD-RW optical drive
  • One 3.5” bay supports a hard drive or dual SSDs
  • Two dedicated 2.5” SSD bays
  • Up to 3 M.2 PCI Express slots for next-generation storage
  • PCI Express 4.0 on AMD versions
  • Removable solid aluminum weighted base
  • Available with an optional LED-lit side window


  1. A solid footprint

    Tiki is so slim it might be knocked over by a stray elbow, pets, or young children. To eliminate that risk we ship each Tiki with a weighted base milled from a 5 pound billet of solid aluminum. The black-anodized aluminum provides an exact match to the standard black Tiki. Optionally, the aluminum can be painted to match or contrast a Tiki painted with our Exotix paintwork. The base is removable for those that would prefer to save the weight for transportation.

  2. Integrated optical drive

    Tiki features an integrated slot-loading Blu-Ray or DVD-RW drive that takes up minimal space.

  3. Optional side window

    Getting an uber-graphics card and want to show it off to the world? Our side window option will show off the power lurking inside your Tiki in an elegant way. The acrylic window has a "green-glass" edge to the vent cuts that gives it a subtle pop of color. With full color RGB lighting controllable in software. The window is even removable for easy cleaning.

  4. Ports where you need them

    Dual upfront USB 3.0 ports provide easy access for frequently removed peripherals. And the top-mounted auto-sensing headphone and microphone jacks make switching from speakers to your headset a breeze.

  5. Liquid cooled CPU

    Tiki does the impossible by squeezing a full 120mm liquid cooling radiator into its 4-inch width. The cooling system is fully sealed and requires no refilling for the life of the unit. Even 18-Core Intel Extreme Edition processors will stay cool and run quietly.

  6. Engineered for quiet power

    When you compress this much power into this little space, heat and noise issues become an engineering challenge. We spent countless hours in thermal and airflow analysis to make sure our design kept these high-powered components cool and quiet.

"So let's just declare this roundup done and over: The Falcon Tiki is clearly faster in every performance category we evaluated. Again, if you didn't get the memo: It's the fastest micro-tower we've ever tested."

Maximum PC