"The Talon is really a Ferarri disguised as a tank." - Digital Trends

We started with great thermal design. We finished with 4mm thick aluminum plating. Too many PC makers think a computer case is just a box that holds components. At Falcon we see the PC case as a thing of beauty - the physical form you can touch that contains billions of transistors and decades of technological advancement. But form must follow function. Proper heat management is not simply installing a dozen case fans and vents everywhere. The 20th Anniversary Edition Talon took almost 2 years to develop. Much of that time was spent on meticulously testing the cooling and airflow patterns, and sourcing the perfect liquid cooling and fan combinations. We know that enthusiasts like you expect more from their system. Everything from airflow to noise to how fingerprint-resistant the exterior is was carefully considered for Talon.

"Milled from solid metal, the Talon is arguably the best vision of what a Mac Pro could be if Apple’s desktop didn’t run MacOS."

- Digital Trends


A tank with an interior so cool, you may want glass sides.

Let's face it, some people have no interest in what the inside of their PC looks like. It may go under a desk or run machinery in a warehouse. But for some, they want to see the engine.

We'd seen so many badly overdone rainbow-colored RGB-lit PCs at tradeshows that "RGB all the things" is a running industry joke. So we set ourselves a challenge: find LED-lit components that were subtle, elegant, and beautiful. And that the end user can change the color, brightness, or turn off with a simple mouse click. Of course, the lit fans have to be some of the best airflow, lowest noise models made, and come in matching 120mm and 140mm sets. No small task, but we've succeeded. The tinted tempered glass sides complete the high-end look.

"the Falcon Northwest 20th Anniversary Talon is easily one of the most carefully-constructed works of PC industrial design artwork we’ve ever laid hands on."

- SlashGear


Before we made it beautiful, we made it cold.

Our engineers have Predator vision. Our advanced thermographic cameras allow us to "see" the heat generated by the graphics cards, CPU, memory and other components in real-time video. This allowed us to design, and re-design the airflow of the Talon over and over until its cooling performance was as good as it could possibly be. That means your graphics cards and CPU will run colder, which allows them to boost to their fastest performance levels longer. It means less fan noise. And cooler components live longer.

"The fan selection and overall airflow design keeps this machine surprisingly quiet "

- Forbes


The CPU "core wars" are raging. AMD and Intel are now one-upping each other with 8, 12, 16, 32 and a mind-boggling 64 CPU core counts, with ever-higher operating frequencies. All this computing speed is fantastic for enthusiasts, but it burns a lot of power and creates a lot of waste heat. With this in mind, we built the Talon around a custom Asetek All-In-One liquid cooling system which incorporates their latest "Gen6" pump technology. It's fully sealed and requires no periodic refilling like those "see-thru" open-loop liquid cooling systems. Its massive radiator measures 62 square inches of surface area, to which we mount twin 140mm cooling fans with variable RPM. They're nearly silent during most desktop use, and only spin up when called upon for serious number crunching.


The Talon packs support for all the components and storage even the most power-hungry users could want into its 17" tall by 9" wide frame.

  • ATX motherboard support
  • Dual graphics card support (note: Nvidia is ending SLI support)
  • Two or three M.2 NVMe drive support (varies by motherboard model)
  • Two 2.5" SATA drive bays
  • Two 3.5" hard drive or 2.5" SATA drive bays
  • Support for up to 1,200 Watt power supplies

"the most powerful, most impressively built computer I’ve ever used, and the cable management almost made me weep. We don’t really have a scoring system, but I’ll go ahead and rate this one 11/10. Or editor’s choice. Whichever one is higher.."

- PC Perspective


Tradeshow worthy cabling? Standard.

You may have seen individually sleeved cables in one-off show systems before. They're very labor-intensive to produce as each wire has to be sleeved in the proper color and cut to length before being secured into the power plug. "Closed" cable-combs that keep the wires straight add to the difficulty, as each wire has to be hand-threaded through each hole in the comb. Our friends at CableMod helped us take these customizations one step further with "bridged" power connections to the graphics cards. Here, you'll see instead of two 8-pin power plugs we're using one bridged 16-wire cable. It looked so good, we had the Talon power supply shroud modified so these cables would make a perfect waterfall drop into it.

"one of my favorite aspects of the 20th Anniversary Talon is the cabling job"

- Destructoid


Our custom paintwork is legendary. Our gallery of past work has inspired our clients to challenge us with hundreds of unique looks. For the 20th Anniversary Talon, we've added the capability to print incredibly high resolution digital graphics directly onto the metal and glass panels. The ultraviolet-cured inks are vivid, and permanently adhered to the surface. Everything from a simple company logo on glass to full-color CMYK photographs and renders are possible. When combined with our custom painting, the entire Talon case can be wrapped in colors and images.

"It's amazing! It's butter smooth and super quiet. I love the beautiful artwork and that I can easily open up the sides to see the immaculate components, cabling and lighting."

- Chris Roberts, CEO of Cloud Imperium & creator of Star Citizen


The 20th Anniversary Talon case incorporates many small design touches that make it easy to use and easy to live with. For instance, the exterior black anodized aluminum finish has been sand-blasted for a texture that both looks and feels high-end, and has the added benefit of resisting fingerprints. Click through the slides to see more of the little things that make the Talon a joy to own and look at.

  1. Talon features two USB 3.0 Type A and one USB 3.1 Type C connector on top, in addition to the many USB ports on the motherboard at the rear of the case. The power button glows soft white when the system is on, and the red drive activity light alerts you when the storage is being accessed. A combination headset/microphone jack upfront makes connections easy.

  2. There's "tool-less entry", and then there's "ridiculously easy". To open the side panels of the Talon, just pull the bottom edge and the magnetic hinged door will release. For those that like to get into their system and tinker, or if you just want to show off the beautiful cabling to friends, it doesn't get any easier than this.

  3. Glass sided cases that display your beautiful interior need to stay clean, so we've incorporated magnetic fan filters over both the front radiator and the power supply intakes. The front filter can be slid out of the lower front panel for cleaning, or you can remove the front faceplate and just vacuum it in place.

  4. Talon's side panels remove easily for cleaning, or even changing the sides to one with different panel graphics. Can't decide if you want solid or glass sides? Get both sets and change them whenever you feel like it.

  5. The addressable RGB-LED fan pack for Talon is controllable with ASUS' Aura Sync software (on all ASUS brand motherboards). Feeling like green? Aura Sync will turn your Talon lights any shade of green you select. A literal rainbow of colors and even lighting effects are possible. Tired of all the lights and want to go to bed? Full dimming or turning the lighting off is only a click away.

  6. Here's how much plastic we used in the new Talon's construction. LEDs and fans aside, it's almost completely metal - 4mm aluminum plating on a steel frame.

  7. We get obsessive about our testing. Here's some of the fans we tested for their thermal and acoustic performance in the Talon 20th Anniversary Edition. Not pictured: two more crates of fans that wouldn't fit on the photo table.


Your Talon is waiting. To create one exactly the way you want it built, visit our configurer.