Designed for... everything.

Sometimes overshadowed by its attention-grabbing very large and very small brethren, the Talon has nonetheless been one of our most popular systems for over 15 years. One reason is its traditional mid-tower design is less expensive, but the real reason is it can do anything. Whether configured as a workstation, game station, or even general use office system, the Talon excels at a wide range of tasks.

"...the Talon is powerful, quiet, easy to upgrade, and provides everything a gamer could want in a mid-sized high-end desktop."

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Talons can be configured with a wide array of loadouts:

  • Up to 2 full-size, double-width graphics cards
  • Eight memory slots for up to 128GB of DDR4
  • Liquid-cooled CPUs
  • Three 5.25” bays
  • Three hard drive bays for either standard 3.5” drives or SSD storage
  • M.2 PCI Express slot(s) for next-generation storage


  1. Liquid cooled CPUs

    Every Talon ships with a self-contained liquid cooling system for the CPU. Unlike the flashy "aquarium tubing" systems that need refilling and maintenance, our liquid cooling systems are fully sealed and require no refilling for the life of the unit. Liquid cooling will extend the life of your CPU, or keep it cold enough to allow for safe overclocking if you desire.

  2. Ports where you need them

    Dual upfront USB 3.0 ports provide easy access for frequently removed peripherals. And the top-mounted auto-sensing headphone and microphone jacks make switching from speakers to your headset a breeze.

  3. Targeted airflow

    The Talon's two large 120mm side fans direct a huge amount of fresh air right onto the components that need it most. One fires right into the intakes of the graphics cards, and the other over the memory and voltage regulators of the motherboard. This much air intake right over the components allows us to use extremely low-RPM fans, which means very quiet operation.

  4. Reversible front door

    The door on the Talon hides the 5.25" bays and gives the front a beautiful, consistent look. It's vented to allow for better airflow, and can be reversed for right or left-handed swings.

  5. Quick-release drive trays

    Talon is our easiest system to work in, and a favorite of frequent upgraders. Need to add or swap a storage drive? Just pop the side panel and you're presented with Talon's quick-release drive trays. They support standard 3.5" hard drives and 2.5" SSDs.

  6. Contrasting color vents on our Exotix painted Talons

    The mesh venting on Talons isn't just for good airflow, it can be used as a design element as well. When you order your Talon with our Exotix paintwork you not only get to choose any primary color, but you can also choose a contrasting color for the mesh grills as well. We can do anything from a basic black to contrast a silver Talon, to University of Michigan yellow and blue. Exotix looks are always limited only by your imagination.

"We like the understated design and solid build quality. And of course, the performance is outstanding, especially for the price. 5 out of 5"

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