An iconic look found nowhere else

Mach V systems are built in our latest full-tower case design, the ICON2 chassis. On the outside, it's a monolith of understated elegance in black sand-blasted aluminum. Its seamless front panel features only a softly glowing white Falcon logo, which can also be swapped with a metal insert if you prefer. The ICON2 is perfect in black, or it can be used as a canvas for any custom paint colors or artwork you can imagine.

"...beautiful, audacious, imposing..."

The Verge


The ICON2's exterior form followed behind its engineering function, which is to cool internal components as efficiently and quietly as possible. Today's high-speed PC components generate a large amount of waste heat when running full speed. Inside the ICON2, we rotated the standard motherboard orientation 90 degrees to take advantage of a law of nature: heat rises. The vertically oriented airflow system channels cool air in from the bottom and exhausts waste heat from the top.


Our largest tower can handle extreme loadouts:

  • Up to 3 full-size, double-width graphics cards
  • Up to 8 memory slots for up to 128GB of DDR4
  • Liquid-cooled CPUs
  • Four 5.25” bays
  • One 3.5” bay
  • Six 3.5" drive bays for either hard drive or SSD storage
  • M.2 PCI Express slot(s) for next-generation storage

"The long tenure has given Falcon Northwest a distinctive advantage; to be frank, nothing else we’ve seen comes close to the gaming power in the ever-evolving Mach V."

PC Gamer


  1. Aluminum exterior for beauty. Steel frame for strength.

    The Mach V is clad in deep-black anodized aluminum plating. The exterior has been sand-blasted for a rich, finger-print resistant finish that exudes "high-end". Inside, a black steel frame provides strength and rigidity for the Mach V's expansive capability.

  2. Massive expansion

    It's our largest system for a reason: expandability. With six easy-access 3.5" internal drive bays, four 5.25" and one 3.5" external drive bay, you'll never run out of storage placement options.

  3. 180mm cooling fans

    Underneath the graphics cards and hard drives in the Mach V, you'll find some of the largest cooling fans made for PCs: twin 180 millimeter fans moving air from the bottom to the top of the chassis. Why so large? Bigger fans can move more air at a lower RPM, which means they run quieter and cool more effectively.

  4. Air Cooling? Liquid Cooling? Yes and Yes.

    Every Mach V CPU is cooled with a self-contained liquid cooling unit. Unlike the flashy "aquarium tubing" systems that need refilling and maintenance, our liquid cooling systems are fully sealed and require no refilling for the life of the unit. For the graphics cards, air cooling is usually capable of taking the GPUs as far as they can overclock, so we maximize our air cooling potential. Our curved metal air deflector channels one of the 180mm fans directly over the GPUs, and provides laminar flow over the backside of the cards for maximum effectiveness.

  5. We have Predator vision

    All of the Mach V's thermal design features would mean nothing if they didn't actually work. But with our extensive testing, we made sure our design is more than just marketing. With temperature probes, smoke testing, and thermal imaging, we ensured the ICON2 chassis cools effectively and directs exhaust heat exactly where we want it to go.

"After 22 years of ruling, Falcon Northwest's Mach V still deserves its throne"

Digital Trends