Honey, we shrunk the desktop.

Portable desktops haven’t always been around. Before the early 2000s, PCs came in two sizes: big and huge. Small Form Factor (SFF) designs started to hit the market in 2001, but they were underpowered and made from proprietary parts. So we designed our own from the ground up. In 2004, the FragBox became the world's first Small Form Factor system using industry-standard components. For over a decade the FragBox continued to evolve and amaze with the amount of power per cubic inch it could deliver. Now we've completely redesigned the FragBox with more liquid cooling capacity, more graphics cooling capacity, and a sleek new look.

",,,the FragBox's outstanding performance, quiet operation, and excellent build quality makes it a must-have."

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We thought our Tiki would obsolete FragBox. We were wrong.

When we created our Tiki micro-tower that was even smaller than the FragBox, we thought the FragBox’s decade of Small Form Factor dominance had ended. So we discontinued it. And wow did we hear it from some of our most important clients what a mistake that was. From event demos to video editors to VR use, our power-users still demanded maximum memory, CPU, and graphics power in a portable system. With up to a 1,000 Watt power supply, 18-Core CPUs, and 6 Solid State Drives, the FragBox packs a massive amount of horsepower in a footprint that’s easy to transport. For tradeshows, VR, or downloading mission data from a fleet of Apache helicopters, there is no substitute for a FragBox.


FragBoxes can handle diverse loadouts:

  • Four memory slots for up to 64GB of DDR4
  • Liquid-cooled CPUs
  • Single GeForce RTX or Dual-Quadro GPUs
  • Integrated slot-loading optical drive
  • 2 hard drive bays for either standard 3.5” drives or SSD storage
  • M.2 PCI Express slot(s) for next-generation storage


  1. Made to move

    The defining feature of the FragBox is its gracefully arcing top handle. Each one is painstakingly crafted from a single billet of aluminum. Then we sand-blast it and anodize it in deep black for a beautiful, fingerprint-resistant finish. Although FragBoxes run upwards of 20 pounds and they aren't meant to be carried constantly like a laptop, the handle greatly aids in moving FragBoxes in and out of tradeshows and demo venues. The handle can also be removed to stack multiple FragBoxes to create your own "rack".

  2. Integrated optical drive

    The FragBox features an integrated slot-loading Blu-Ray or DVD-RW drive that takes up minimal space. It also allows the front panel a clean look, uncluttered by the traditional 5.25" optical drive bay tray.

  3. Liquid cooled CPU

    Despite its small size, the FragBox incorporates a sizeable 120mm liquid cooling radiator capable of cooling even the fastest CPUs. The system is fully sealed and never needs maintenance. Even high core-count Intel i9 processors will stay cool and run quietly.

  4. Ports where you need them

    Dual upfront USB 3.0 ports provide easy access for frequently removed peripherals. And the top-mounted auto-sensing headphone and microphone jacks make switching from speakers to your headset a breeze.

  5. Extra cooling for dual graphics

    Industry-standard Micro-ATX motherboards like those found in the FragBox present a unique challenge when using dual graphics cards. The fresh air intake of the inside card is right next to the back of the outer card with a GPU designed to run at 85C. When needed to combat this problem, the FragBox can employ an extra down-firing cooling fan to drive cool air down in between the two graphics cards.

  6. Optional logo plates

    The water-jet cut Falcon logo comes standard with a soft white illumination. But if you prefer, we can swap the illuminated plate for gold, copper, or even silver metallic inserts. It's a great option to complement a paint color, or for our clients that would prefer less lighting on their system.

"Faster than big, bad gaming desktops and almost fits under an airplane seat."

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