• The Falcon Northwest Mach V wins Editor's Choice at PCMag.com
    February 2013
    A Triple-Titan powered Mach V wins Editor's Choice at PCMag.com

    Want to see what can be done when money is no object?  This triple-SLI setup feature 3 of NVIDIA's newest GTX TITAN graphics cards, along with an overclocked, liquid-cooled Intel Core i7-3970X 6-core CPU.  The result?  This system blew away their year-old previous record holder on 3DMark (the Falcon Quad-SLI system with dual GTX 690s) by 18%!

  • AnandTech reviews the Falcon Tiki "Tiki with Titan is as good as it gets"
    February 2013
    High-End Meets Small Form Factor: GeForce Titan in Falcon Northtwest's Tiki

    For a user like me, the GeForce Titan in Falcon's Tiki is pretty much as good as it gets.

    AnandTech is one of the oldest and most respected hardware coverage sites out there. It's hardcore and in-depth.  It's the one our techs read.  So to have Anand Shimpi himself praise our Tiki meant a lot more than your average review to us: "For a user like me, the GeForce Titan in Falcon's Tiki is pretty much as good as it gets. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of performance that could be squeezed into a fairly small chassis, without being overly loud. The Tiki wasn't silent, but the days of having to make a trade off between something annoying and something fast are over. It's sort of absurd that between the Core i7 and Titan there are 8.5 billion transistors switching at ridiculous speeds inside this tiny chassis."

  • The Verge
    February 2013
    The Verge plays Crysis 3 on a Triple-Titan based Mach V with Triple monitors

    beautiful, audacious, imposing

    "On February 20th, I watched Sony's [PS4 announcement] press conference on a ridiculous gaming PC: a beautiful, audacious, imposing $9,000 Falcon Northwest Mach V with three GeForce GTX Titan graphics cards stuffed inside its towering frame. You see, the very day before Sony's "See the Future" event, Crytek had already shown the future to me: I was borrowing this computer for the launch of Crysis 3. And what a juxtaposition: Nothing Sony showed on stage, tentatively promised for the end of 2013, looked half as good as the game I'd already started playing."

  • Game Industry News awards the Falcon Northwest Tiki a perfect 5/5
    Game Industry News
    February 2013
    "Tiki is a True Gaming God" - Earns a perfect 5/5 from GIN!

    But more impressive than that is the fact that the Tiki, while still costing a lot of money, is reachable for most people with a bit of planning if they really want a gaming system. Offering such a little system at a reasonable price, and with that level of performance under the hood, would have been impossible just a few years ago.

    Game Industry News took a look at a Tiki loaded with a GeForce GTX 680 and a Core i7-3770K and gave it 5/5 "gems", both for value and overall!

  • Tech Report says of Tiki "more computing power per cubic inch than anything"
    The Tech Report
    February 2013
    Tech Report gives the Tiki a mini-review in its TITAN coverage

    more computing power per cubic inch than anything else I could name.

    The Tech Report got their first look at Nvidia's GeForce TITAN when it arrived in a Tiki.  It's mainly a Titan article, but they had some really nice things to say about the Tiki as well: "The Tiki is impressively quiet when idle, about as good as any well-built full-sized system of recent vintage, and its acoustic footprint doesn't grow by much when gaming. With Titan installed, it's a stupid-fast gaming PC that emits only a low hiss."

  • Government Computer News reviews the Falcon Northwest Tiki desktop PC
    Government Computer News
    January 2013
    GCN takes a look at the Tiki from a government use perspective

    It’s rare that we are so impressed with a piece of equipment, but Falcon Northwest’s Tiki inspired awe from everyone who used it. For government offices that need blazing performance in a tiny package, it’s a perfect choice.

    GCN.com is the place to go for our government clientele for a perspective on tech that fits their unique needs. They just took a look at our Tiki Micro-Tower and came away impressed: "The Tiki technically is a desktop, but it offers better-than-workstation performance -- proof positive that the lines between those terms are gone forever. And it’s able to do that in a form factor not much larger than a laptop, or at least a couple laptops stacked together. Few could argue that the $3,473 price tag isn't a good bargain."

  • The Houston Chronicle calls Falcon Northwest the "King of PC Design"
    Houston Chronicle
    January 2013
    The Chronicle calls Falcon Northwest the

    King of PC Design

    "When it comes to high-end computer deals, one name stands out: Falcon Northwest.  Alienware, VoodooPC and other high-end vendors have closed their doors or been scooped up by larger PC manufacturers, but Falcon Northwest continues to build quality systems"

    And they said of the Tiki: 

    “The Falcon Northwest Tiki desktop offers a stylish case and
    solid specs" "At just under $3,000 the Tiki isn't for everyone, but for those
    who can afford it, no other system comes close in terms of style.”

  • Falcon Northwest Tiki is named one of the 100 best products of 2012 by PCWorld
    December 2012
    The Tiki is named one of the 100 best products of 2012 by PCWorld!

    It's small, quiet, and extremely fast...

    Every year the editors of PCWorld review the hundreds of products they've seen over the year- everything from software to cameras - and rank the 100 best.  This year the Tiki comes in at #15!

  • The Falcon Northwest TLX gets a perfect 5/5 review on G4TV's Attack of the Show
    G4TV's Attack of the Show
    November 2012
    Our TLX laptop earns our fourth straight perfect 5/5 score from AOTS!

    The guys at Falcon Northwest really know what they’re doing. I have fallen in love with these machines and I’m going to say… I just might get rid of my Apple for this.

    Matt Mira and guest host, Dr. Who's John Barrowman, interrupt their Thanksgiving dinner to review our TLX thin and light laptop. To fully understand the depths of Matt's praise for it, it helps to know he used to work at an Apple store as a "genius" technician.  He shocked his co-hosts.  And then some drunken Scottish revelry with John's parents ensues!  Check out the video.

  • PC Gamer
    November 2012
    Mighty Small

    the Tiki - a small, powerful and surprisingly affordable gaming machine

    PC Gamer gives the Tiki a score of 91 and Editor's Choice!  Gamer chose a sub-$2,000 configuration of the Tiki to see just how well it could game, with a focus on how it would compare to consoles in a living room.  The verdict: "This compact and powerful system makes the perfect addition to any living room gaming setup."


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