• Forbes finds the Falcon Northwest Mach V perfect for 4K gaming.
    March 2014
    This Is 4K PC Gaming With Falcon Northwest's Mach V And Triple Nvidia Titan Blacks

    If you have 4K gaming in your sights and need a system that you can abuse for years to come, the Mach V is an excellent choice. Yes, it’s a significant investment, but one I believe is wholly backed up by the system’s build quality, excellent cooling, and outstanding performance.

    Forbes takes a look at a massively loaded Mach V.  From its 3-Way SLI Titan Black graphics cards to the hematite paintwork finish, this is as good as it gets.  Forbes really made use of all that power too, with a full battery of demanding game tests at maximum detail settings - at 4K resolution!

  • Falcon Northwest wins Maximum PC magazine's micro-tower roundup, wins every test
    Maximum PC
    November 2013
    Tiki mops the floor with the competition at the first-ever Micro-Tower roundup!

    So let's just declare this roundup done and over: The Falcon Tiki is clearly faster in every perfromance category we evaluated.  Again, if you didn't get the memo: It's the fastest micro-tower we've ever tested.

    Maximum PC magazine is always ahead of the curve, and they are the first to get every micro-tower on the market in one room for a head-head competition.  For this race we put the Tiki's pedal to the metal to show that micro-towers give up very little over a full sized PC.  The results: a clean sweep of the benchmarks.  Tiki won 17/17, and was the highest rated system.  And it got their "Kick Ass!" product award.  Read on for the details...

  • Falcon Northwest Tiki wins HotHardware.com Recommended Award
    Hot Hardware
    October 2013
    Tiki Wins Hot Hardware's Recommended Award!

    The Falcon Northwest Tiki nails the luxury SFF category. With its granite base and backlit logo, the Tiki is striking. Every inch of the system shows Falcon Northwest’s attention to detail

    Hot Hardware checked out a fully-loaded Tiki with a Titan, Core i7-4770K, two SSDs in RAID zero - the works.  They ran a ton of benchmarks, summed up as "killer all-around performance", but just as importantly they spent a lot of time checking out the attention to detail we put into all of our systems.  "everything is handled expertly. No part of the system should look like it was just thrown together. It's about attention to detail.  That luxury extends to the buying and ownership experience, as well. The Tiki arrived in custom packaging and its accessories (the binder and care package) are excellent. The Tiki's warranty includes overnight shipping for repairs for the first year, which is above and beyond most typical warranties."  And the icing on the cake, they described Tiki's noise level as "nearly silent".  Read on for the full review!

  • FragBox wins Kick Ass award at Maximum PC the fastest SFF rig we've ever tested
    Maximum PC
    July 2013
    The third review of the new FragBox is in... with its third award!

    the FragBox [v.3] is the fastest small form factor rig ever to grace our lab.

    Maximum PC is the print magazine that gets all the new toys first, and our new revision of the FragBox landed there sporting dual GeForce TITANs, an overclocked Core i7-4770K "Haswell" CPU, and 2TB of Solid State Drives!  They even pitted it against a massive $7,800 Triple Titan full tower from another company and the FragBox went toe-toe with it at 1/3rd its size!

  • Falcon Northwest FragBox review at PCMag.com wins editors choice
    June 2013
    The new FragBox gets 4.5 stars and Editor's Choice at PCMag

    Our latest revision of the FragBox with dual GeForce GTX 780s in SLI got put thru PCMag's gauntlet of tests.  They remarked on its buttery smooth gameplay and impressive value for such high-end gear.

  • Falcon Northwest FragBox wins Digital Trends' Recommended Product award
    Digital Trends
    June 2013
    Our New FragBox with Intel's 4th Gen "Haswell" and NVIDIA's GTX 780 gets Digital Trends' Recommended Product Award

    the FragBox’s outstanding performance, quiet operation, and excellent build quality makes it a must-have

    Our newly redesigned FragBox is stuffed with the absolute latest gear, including the new NVIDIA GTX 780 and Intel's new 4th Gen Core i7-4770K CPU.  The result: "Amazing performance in all areas" and "a remarkabley quiet gaming PC".

  • Forbes calls the Falcon Northwest Tiki "The Perfect PC"
    May 2013
    Forbes calls Tiki "The Perfect PC"

    Put simply: The Tiki doesn’t have a weakness. It is the perfect desktop PC in both form and function, whether it’s put to use for business or put to the test with today’s most extreme games.

    Forbes loved Tiki's quiet performance, saying "It has no right to be that silent, but it is." But they went  into some rarely-covered areas like our warranty "that rises above and beyond anyone in the industry" and the sense of ownership, saying "A good boutique PC manufacturer should do everything in its power to convey the feeling that this is your machine... Falcon Northwest accomplishes this in every way possible." Check out the full review to see why they liked is so much.

  • SlashGear
    April 2013
    SlashGear gives a Tiki with GeForce TITAN a VERY thorough review

    With the Falcon Northwest Tiki packing NVIDIA’s TITAN, you’ve got a gaming masterpiece, plain and simple.

    If you've ever wanted to get REALLY up-close to the Tiki to see what it's about, you'll love this review.  Slashgear gave the Tiki a serious inspection, with some fantastic close-in photos and even a video of the insides disassembled just to show you all the guts!  Of course they get to plenty of gameplay on it as well, saying "we’ve had nothing but the best gaming experiences we’ve ever seen on a gaming computer."

  • The Falcon Northwest Mach V wins Editor's Choice at PCMag.com
    February 2013
    A Triple-Titan powered Mach V wins Editor's Choice at PCMag.com

    Want to see what can be done when money is no object?  This triple-SLI setup feature 3 of NVIDIA's newest GTX TITAN graphics cards, along with an overclocked, liquid-cooled Intel Core i7-3970X 6-core CPU.  The result?  This system blew away their year-old previous record holder on 3DMark (the Falcon Quad-SLI system with dual GTX 690s) by 18%!

  • AnandTech reviews the Falcon Tiki "Tiki with Titan is as good as it gets"
    February 2013
    High-End Meets Small Form Factor: GeForce Titan in Falcon Northtwest's Tiki

    For a user like me, the GeForce Titan in Falcon's Tiki is pretty much as good as it gets.

    AnandTech is one of the oldest and most respected hardware coverage sites out there. It's hardcore and in-depth.  It's the one our techs read.  So to have Anand Shimpi himself praise our Tiki meant a lot more than your average review to us: "For a user like me, the GeForce Titan in Falcon's Tiki is pretty much as good as it gets. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of performance that could be squeezed into a fairly small chassis, without being overly loud. The Tiki wasn't silent, but the days of having to make a trade off between something annoying and something fast are over. It's sort of absurd that between the Core i7 and Titan there are 8.5 billion transistors switching at ridiculous speeds inside this tiny chassis."


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