• The Falcon Northwest Talon wins G4TVs Gaming PC Thunderdome
    G4TV's Attack of the Show
    July 2010
    The Talon wins G4TV's "Gaming PC Thunderdome" with a perfect 5/5!


    Attack of the Show's Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn have WAY too much fun in this hilarious review of a mid-range Falcon gaming PC.  For three nights during a week of shows they reviewed Falcon against iBuypower and Maingear in "Gaming PC Thunderdome".  The Falcon Talon emerged victorious with a perfect 5/5 Seals of Approval.  Check out the full video review for a great laugh.

  • The Falcon Northwest Talon Impresses Computer Shopper
    Computer Shopper
    June 2010
    Talon makes the highly overclockable Intel Core i7-875K CPU fly!

    Overclocked Excellence

    "[Falcon] has taken the 2.93GHz Core i7-875K processor and massaged it (with the help of some liquid cooling) until it tops out at 4.28GHz when only one or two cores is being taxed. Let that sink in for a minute because that’s the speed you’ll be seeing when running most common software programs."

  • PCMag.com
    May 2010
    An overclocked Talon proves you don't have to spend a lot for Falcon performance

    The new Intel Core i7-875K processor is the first mid-level priced CPU intel has made with overclocking in mind.  So it was the perfect fit for our cost-conscious Talon line.  Here we showed PC Mag what our liquid cooling and overclocking expertise could do with this new CPU.

  • Mach V in Lotus Orange
    PC Gamer
    May 2010
    Six Core Mach V in Lotus Orange

    Uniquely among PC manufacturers, Falcon Northwest hasn't changed its style or approach much over the years.

    "The difference is they get faster - much faster - every time.  And once again, the Mach V does not disappoint in the benchmarks."

  • The Falcon Mach V wins Editor's Choice at Computer Shopper
    Computer Shopper
    March 2010
    The first Mach V with the new Intel "Gulftown" six-core CPU wins Editor's Choice

    This configurable six-core PC is a hyper-speed performance machine, with a glitzy paint job that makes it look as good as it cooks.

    "No matter which way you approach it, Falcon Northwest’s Mach V, with its Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition CPU, is a competently built, insanely powerful cutting-edge PC in the configuration we looked at. You can add or remove components to your own needs or desires. But one thing's for sure: The six-core CPU is here to stay"

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