• Falcon Northwest Tiki micro-tower wins editor's choice at PC Mag review
    PC Mag
    August 2015
    Tiki wins Editor's Choice at PC Mag!

    If you need the sheer power of a fully loaded gaming PC in package no bigger than a console, the Falcon Northwest Tiki should be your first choice.

    PC Mag put a gaming-focused Tiki thru its paces, and it walked away with their Editor's Choice award!

  • Falcon Northwest Tiki workstation with Intel Xeon processor
    PC Mag
    August 2015
    Tiki workstation beats uber-expensive competition

    With a powerful 18-core Intel Xeon processor and high-end Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X graphics, the Falcon Northwest Tiki Workstation is a monster workhorse PC packed into a case the size of a game console.

    PC Mag covers some really high-end workstation products.  $20,000 workstations.  So it was all the more satisfying when our $9K Tiki with an 18-core Xeon won 7 of the 10 benchmarks they run.  While obviously not for everyone, for those needing workstation level performance, Tiki can deliver it in the size of a game console.

  • Falcon Northwest Tiki micro-tower wins editor's choice at Maximum PC review
    Maximum PC
    July 2015
    Maximum PC gives Tiki a stellar 95% and their "Kick Ass!" award

    Good luck finding a more powerful PC in a smaller package

    Maximum PC ran our new X99-chipset based Tiki with an Intel Core-i7 Extreme Edition, GeForce Titan X, and Intel's new PCI Express storage thru their gauntlet of tests.  The Tiki wowed them not only with it's power-per-cubic inch, but in it's ability to stay so quiet: “Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Tiki, however,
    is that it stayed eerily quiet under our benchmarks. At idle, it’s damn near
    silent. Falcon must have employed some black magic to this box, or applied good
    thermal engineering, but we prefer to think it's the former.”

  • Falcon Northwest Tiki micro-tower wins editor's choice at Digital Trends review
    Digital Trends
    July 2015
    Tiki wins Editor's Choice at Digital Trends

    Only Falcon Northwest could be responsible for this fully armed and operational battle station, and you can witness its power without suddenly silencing your wallet.

    Digital Trends has been covering a lot of small form factor systems recently, so it was an especially proud moment for us when they awarded Tiki their Editor's Choice.  They praised everything from Tiki's perfromance to less-often covered topics like its 3-year warranty and how competitive it is on price.  "Falcon Northwest continues to set the bar for what a performance gaming machine can be. The Tiki crams all of the performance
    of the Mach V from late last year into a box less than half the size, and sells
    it for two-thirds the price."  Check out the extensive review and video review.

  • PCWorld reviews the 18-core Xeon Tiki workstation with Intel 750 series SSD
    PC World
    May 2015
    A $9,000 Tiki with an 18-core, 36-thread XEON processor!? Hardcore!

    That thud was your jaw hitting the floor

    Our smallest PC has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.  Gordon Ung takes a look at the most power-per-cubic-inch ever packed into a PC: the new X99 Tiki with an 18-core, 36-thread XEON workstation processor, an Nvidia Titan X GPU, 32 Gigs of DDR4, and the latest PCI Express storage - a 1.2TB Intel 750 series drive.  It all comes together in a package so extreme, Gordon featured it in his over-the-top "HARDCORE!" video series.  It's a funny video, and a great read.

  • PC World reviews the Falcon Northwest Mach V: "rips the lid off our gaming tests"
    PC World
    April 2015
    Mach V with Triple Titan X "rips the lid off" PC World's gaming tests

    Futuremark's leader board includes machines overclocked using liquid nitrogen, liquid helium and all kinds of extreme-overclocking sports entries. To land in that esteemed company with a production machine is no small feat and easily puts the Mach V among the fastest gaming rigs in the world.

    PCWorld takes a look at one of the most extreme setups we build: the Mach V with Triple GeForce Titan X cards.  Yes, that's over $3,000 in graphics cards, and 36GB just in VRAM!  Mix in our overclocked, liquid-cooled Intel 8-core Extreme Edition and all Solid-State storage, and we shredded their gaming charts.  "Knowing that it's from the
    company that literally built the gaming PC category, you've got guts and
    gravitas to spare."

  • The Verge says: "Falcon Northwest's Tiki is the PC gaming equivalent of a luxury car"
    The Verge
    February 2015
    "Falcon Northwest's Tiki is the PC gaming equivalent of a luxury car"

    the entire experience Falcon Northwest has created around their custom PCs appears to be cribbed from [a top luxury car] customer satisfaction handbook.

    The Verge took a really interesting view on our Tiki: from the persepctive of a DIY PC builder who is getting a little too busy to deal with the hassles of his own DIY build.  He was amazed how hassle-free the Tiki was, and how we encourage our clients to use our support department if they do have a question. He likened the entire experience to buying a luxury automobile.

  • SlashGear reviews Falcon Northwest's TLX laptop
    February 2015
    SlashGear checks out our TLX: "AAA gaming, unplugged"

    Can the creators of our favorite gaming tower convince us there's a need for full-powered gaming notebook finesse? How about if the laptop in question is painted top to bottom in custom Candy Red?

    SlashGear got a candy red TLX loadout out with the latest Nvidia GeForce GTX 980m and quad-core Intel CPU.  What impressed them most was how little they had to sacrifice for mobility with a TLX:  "we're in the age of 'Desktop Class Gaming' and 'AAA gaming, unplugged.' Everything we learned late last year from
    NVIDIA about this next-generation class of processor, come true here."

    Actually, perhaps what really impressed them the most was the custom backpack the TLX ships in.  They were so impressed, they gave it its own "mini-review".

  • Digital Trends recommends Falcon Northwest Tiki-Z
    Digital Trends
    January 2015
    Digital Trends Tiki-Z Review

    As other companies flood the market with cheap competitors and budget builds, few have stayed true to their mission as staunchly as Falcon, and this dedication is nowhere more evident than in the new Tiki Z.

    Digital Trends puts our insanely powerful dual-GPU micro tower, the Tiki-Z, thru its paces and giving it their "Recommended" award.

  • Bearded Coffee Monkey unboxes his custom painted Falcon Northwest Talon PC
    Bearded Coffee Monkey
    January 2015
    What's it like to unbox your custom-painted Falcon? Bearded Coffee Monkey shows us!

    "Oh man this thing is beautiful..."

    Bearded Coffee Monkey is an artist and YouTube personality who had us paint his artwork on his new Talon system.  When you order a custom painted PC, there's a few weeks of waiting while we turn your idea into a painted reality.  How'd we do?  Just watch the smile on his face as he unwraps it...


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