ICON2 top panel sideview

the King of PC DesignUnique designs, created with a purpose - Falcon Northwest is one of the last boutique makers still designing our own PC cases.  It's a lengthy and extremely expensive process to design, test, and produce a PC case.  Many of our competitors have gone to off-the-shelf cases that you can find available everywhere. If you just want something cheap that holds your components and don't mind it looking like every other PC out there, there are hundreds of budget boxes. But slapping your company logo on a stock case doesn't hold a candle to systems that were designed from the ground up with a specific purpose. To us, the case is the very framework of your system, dictating how components interact with each other, how you interact with the system, and how the look of it makes you feel.  We design everything from the airflow to the aesthetics to serve the purpose of the particular system type. You can see, and hear, that difference in every aspect of a Falcon - from cooling performance, to the noise level of the system, to the quality feel of the metal exterior.

ICON2 Thermal testingTesting, like no one else - We do an exhaustive 3-day "burn-in" of every system and try to make the system fail here at the factory so it will not fail on you. We simulate months of the most tortuous use you could imagine.  From common game and graphic tests to stress programs not available to the public, every system gets put through the wringer. If every part can't pass our tests flawlessly - it doesn't ship.  But that's just the final individual system testing. Falcon Northwest has already spent hundreds of hours in testing our system designs themselves as well.  From simple smoke testing like you'd see in a wind tunnel for airflow to advanced thermal imaging that allows us to "see" heat travel in our systems, we haven't just tested your parts - we've tested our system designs as the entire ecosystem they are.

Optimized and accessible BIOS - We don't hide your BIOS or limit your access to it. We tweak every system's BIOS settings individually to the very edge of performance - but not one step beyond (risking instability). That means maximum speed without crashing or graphics problems. And If you want to play with your settings to overclock... we give you the tools. 

Falcon BinderSystem documentation - Our custom systems all ship with a binder with your personal settings for your hardware, all of your system's quality checks, benchmarks, the Falcon Northwest manual and all original manuals from each component you've selected should it have one. 

Perfect cabling -  Well routed internal cabling is the mark of a true enthusiast PC maker. You may never even open your case, but the wiring in every Falcon is carefully routed to provide the perfect balance of airflow, accessibility, and aesthetics. 

RescueDriveTruly personal system RescueDrive - We run a complete backup of your exact system the moment before it leaves our doors on a USB flashdrive.  Should your PC ever have problems or you just like to clean out Windows every once in a while, our RescueDrive can easily get your PC back to its "factory fresh" state.


We give you a real copy of Microsoft Windows - You get the full version of Windows on every Falcon system, complete with an original disc. No "hard drive only" installs that leave you short-changed on drive space and flexibility to re-install.  You get the full version of the OS and nothing else. 


Things we don't do... Here's a short list of some things you won't find in Falcons and why. 

We don't void your warranties - Some PC makers have taken overclocking and component modifications too far in their attempts to catch up with us - to the point where they are voiding the manufacturer's warranties on the parts. Making it worse, most aren't upfront with their customers about this fact. At Falcon we take our systems to the very edge of what the component manufacturers will warrant - we call it "street legal". If you want to push it further with your system, it's your right and you can do so at your own risk. But rest assured Falcon's warranty is in addition to the warranties that our component manufacturers provide - not an attempt to make up for them.

Please note that if you want your system overclocked beyond a component manufacturer's warranty, we'll do it for you. And Falcon will still stand behind it with our normal warranty. We know overclocking, and we know how far it can be taken safely. 

Falcon FeaturesNo unnecessary software. No ads - Falcon PCs ship "clean". We don't ship unnecessary software and utilities you don't need. We clean up your temporary directories and you will not find advertising, online banks, or lame internet offers on a Falcon machine. Absolutely no crap! 

No "watered down" hardware - Some big PC manufacturers use "watered down" versions of the name-brand components you want. For instance, a special version of a motherboard or graphics card that cuts a few corners to save them a few bucks. You'll pay for these later in missing features, slower performance and lack of upgradeability. Beware, many of these look similar to the good stuff. Be sure to check model #'s of the hardware you want.  We only carry the good stuff.

Falcon Northwest PCs are designed, assembled and supported in the USAWe don't outsource our technical support - Many companies in tech industries have started sending their technical support jobs overseas. A lot of technical support is done in India, Costa Rica, and other countries where they can underpay people enough to still make extra profits even after the hefty long distance charges. We don't believe in that. And we don't believe an outside technical support company can ever give you support as good as the company that makes the product in the first place. We know our systems. We support our systems. We'll never send our problems and our jobs to another company or another country.  Falcon Northwest PCs are proudly designed and supported in the USA.

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