Rescue Disk Documentation:

If you bought your Falcon computer after 2001, use this document.

System Setup Posters:
Benchmarking Software:

Want to see how fast your Falcon is? Try 3D Mark, the coolest benchmarking software available.

Virus Protection

Think you may have picked up a computer virus from somewhere?  We recommend Microsoft's Security Essentials anti-virus software.  It's free, lightweight, simple-to-use, and protects against the majority of viruses out there.  Find out more and download it at*.


If you're looking for a more robust, full retail software solution, we would recommend either Norton AntiVirus 2010 or Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010*.  You can find trial versions of each below.


We do not recommend installing "Internet Security Suites".  For best results, use a stand-alone virus protection software, the Windows firewall, and a router than includes hardware firewall features.


*Note:  Systems shipped later than October 2009 will arrive with the Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus software pre-installed.  Microsoft Security Essentials should be uninstalled prior to the installation of an alternative virus protection software.


File Compression / Extraction Utilities:

Most games require that you have the latest DirectX drivers installed on your system.

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