Custom Built Laptop Computers for Gaming

Falcon Northwest provides custom 17" laptop computers built for speed, reliability, and performance. When having the best computer is a top priority, Falcon's high performance, gaming laptops exceed expectations for screen resolution and power. Each of Falcon's custom laptop computers - FragBook DRX, FragBook TLX, and I/O - are hand built to surpass the elite taste of experienced gaming laptop users, even on a budget.

Buy a High End, Gaming Laptop Computer

Falcon's custom 17" laptop computers are among the best for gaming. Each DRX, TLX, and I/O laptop is built by hand to match your exact specifications. We provide attractive, customizable, and reliable laptop computers capable of satisfying the demands of even the most experienced do-it-yourself custom laptop builder.

Stand out from the crowd.

Whatever your mobile computing need, we've got you covered. For those that essentially need a moveable desktop PC, our Desktop Replacement DRX model makes no sacrifices.  And for those traditional laptop users that need a nice balance of performance, battery life and weight, our Thin and Light TLX model was designed for them.  No matter which model you choose, we don't start building until you tell us what it should look like.  Anything from a subdued single color to your company logo on a bold background - your Falcon laptop will be remembered by all who see it.  Which one is right for you?Compare All Laptops

Falcon Northwest DRX Desktop Replacement Laptop

A 17” Desktop Replacement running
the fastest Intel Core i7 CPUs.

Falcon Northwest TLX Thin & Light Laptop

Our Thin & Light model. The perfect balance of power and portability.