Tiki with dimensions The world's most powerful micro-tower

For Falcon's 20th anniversary, we wanted to create a PC unlike anything the world had ever seen.  We wanted it to be a showcase of the recent breakthroughs in speed and power efficiency the latest CPUs and graphics cards have made. We wanted to destroy the notion that powerful PCs had to be giant, hulking towers.  We wanted to reduce the size of the system to its absolute minimum, while still handling the fastest desktop components.  It had to run quietly, and look beautiful.  Tiki was the first self-contained micro-tower on the market, and in the years since it's only become more powerful.



A Falcon Northwest Exclusive Design

Unlike other small PCs you may have seen, Tiki isn't compact because there's not much in it. We designed it from the ground up to be an enthusiast-class system, and every millimeter of space is packed with power. Here's just a few of its features:

Tiki interior

Tiki Features

  • Full-metal construction: steel and sandblasted aluminum faceplate
  • The fastest Intel® CoreTM i7 and XeonTM processors - from 4 to 18 cores!
  • NVIDIA® GeForceTM and QuadroTM series graphics, including TITAN-X.
  • Bays for 2 solid-state hard drives and a standard drive or 2 more SSDs
  • Slot-loading Blu-Ray or DVD optical drive
  • Up-front USB 3.0 and audio ports
  • Internal 450 or 600 Watt modular power supplies
  • 16-64GB of DDR4 memoryTiki top closeup
  • Completely customizable configurations
  • Liquid cooled CPU
  • Overclocking available
  • Only 4 inches wide - 40% smaller than our FragBox!


Tiki thermal testing

Engineered for Quiet Power

When you compress this much power into this little space, heat and noise issues become an engineering challenge.  We spent countless hours in thermal and airflow analysis to make sure our design kept these high-powered components cool and quiet.

Aluminum basesStable in every sense of the word

A new challenge we discovered when you make a desktop this thin and small: it can be knocked over easily by a stray elbow, pets or young children.  We needed to add weight to the base of Tiki, but it had to look good too.   Every Tiki includes an removable base milled from a 5 pound solid alumnium billet. It's powdercoated in black to match the case standard, but can also be painted to match or complement any custom painted Tiki. It provides stability and gives your system an undeniably high-end look.

Tiki in Oriental Blue CloudsBuild Your Tiki

Whether you need a PC so small you can hide it behind your monitor, or you just don't need the huge tower to get tower-level performance anymore, Tiki is the ideal case to start configuring your ideal setup.  With a myriad of CPU, graphics, storage, granite and even custom painting options, you can build your Tiki to exactly your needs and budget.  Launch our configurer to get started creating yours.


Tiki Specs

Intel® Core™i7 Quad core (SkyLake) on Intel Z170 chipsets, Intel® Core™i7 6-8 core (Haswell-E) and 14-18 core Xeon™ on X99 chipsets
NVIDIA GeForce 900 Series, TITAN, Quadro
Memory :
Up to to 64GB DDR4
Hard Drive:
Supports up to 4 Solid State Drives, 1 Standard Drive
Optical Drive:
Slot-Loading DVD/RW or Blu-Ray Reader