Desktop Computers for Gaming

Falcon Northwest's Talon desktop provides speed, reliability, and in game performance for less. When having the best computer and still some money in your pocket is a top priority, Talon's high performance, gaming desktops will exceed your expectations for resolution and power. Even at a lower price point, each Talon desktop is built to meet exacting specifications that will satisfy the most experienced desktop gamer.

Gaming Desktop Computer

Falcon's Talon, custom desktop computers are among the best for gaming. Every Talon desktop is built to deliver the client's specifications for looks, performance, and budget. Talon desktops can be finished out with an attractive paint scheme for affordable prices, and underneath each Talon desktop's attractive chassis lives a reliable desktop computer capable of satisfying the speed and budget demands of gamers worldwide.

Our coldest, quietest Talon ever.

talon inputsWant a wickedly fast Falcon but don't want to burn up the credit card?

Our Talon line features many of the same core components as the Mach V, but in a more compact case with only slightly more limited options. And our latest revision of the Talon case is our coldest running, quietest Talon ever. From its elegant new sand-blasted aluminum front that resists fingerprints, to its completely new internal layout, the Talon has been enhanced in both beauty & function.  That means workstation-class Quadro graphics and SLI graphics setups are possible in Talons.

Falcon Northwest TalonThe Talon's new side-mounted cooling system uses two very quiet, low-speed 120mm fans that intake cool air directly over the graphics cards and into the liquid cooler.  They also channel air directly onto the motherboard for better V-reg and chipset cooling.  This precise placement means better cooling with less noise.  Inside, an all-new hard drive mounting system enables new drives to be slid in on tool-less trays, with clear access to the connections for cabling. 

Falcon Northwest Talon Interior





With three 5.25", three 3.5", and a dedicated SSD drive bay, Talons are now more customizable than ever. And our Exotix custom painting is available to make your Talon truly unique. It’s Falcon quality for a great price.

Talon DetailThe Talon could hold its own against machines that are almost twice as pricey

Talon Specs

Intel® Core™ i7-5000 Series and Xeon on X99 chipsets (Haswell-E) and Core i7-4000 Series Z97 (Haswell)
NVIDIA SLI™ Support, AMD/ATI CrossfireX™ Support
Memory :
256GB DDR4 max (X99 chipsets) 32 GB DDR3 max (Z97 chipsets)
Hard Drive:
4 internal hard drive bays
Optical Drive:
3 External optical drive bays