Desktop Computers for Gaming

Falcon Northwest's Mach V desktop is built for speed, reliability, and in game performance. When having the best computer is a top priority, Mach V's high performance, gaming desktops will exceed your expectations for resolution and power. Each custom, Mach V desktop is built by hand when your order is placed and will surpass the elite taste of even the most experienced gaming desktop users.

Gaming Desktop Computer

Falcon's Mach V, custom desktop computers are among the best for gaming. Each Mach V desktop is built to match the client's exact specifications for looks and performance. Mach V computers can be finished out with any paint scheme you can imagine. Underneath each desktop's attractive chassis lives a reliable desktop computer capable of satisfying the demands of even the most experienced do-it-yourself desktop PC enthusiast.

"the ever-evolving Mach V"Mach V in the ICON2 Chassis

The Mach V series has been in production since 1992, and these are the machines of legend you’ve heard about. Dream components. Insanely customizable, right down to an infinite number of paint colors and custom artwork options. They utilize the fastest components in the world – that we can make even faster.

You Decide What Mach V Means to You

Our Mach V systems don't have model A, B, or C. In fact, almost no two Mach V systems we make are identical. Because each of our clients has his or her own idea of a dream machine, we custom build all of our PCs. While we provide example systems like those that you'll see in magazine reviews, you are free to pick and choose exactly the hardware that will meet your needs for today and for future expansion.Learn more about the new ICON2 case



MachV GamerEnthusiasts and Gamers

Building machines for gamers has always been our primary focus. And the Mach V class for gaming is the ultimate weapon in any gamer’s arsenal. With options like SLI & CrossFire multi-graphics capability, RAID arrays, liquid cooling, overclocking, custom paint and even custom artwork... every Mach V can truly be unique.

Mach V Icon2 topfrontMultimedia & Business

Although our reputation was forged in delivering performance for gamers, business users and digital content creators quickly saw what our benchmarks mean for them: Blistering fast graphics and multimedia authoring performance. Massive secure storage arrays. Two, three, and even six monitor setups for massive virtual desktop space.  And even your company colors and logo on the system to boot.

Mach V Specs

Intel® Core™i7-5000 Series and Xeon on X99 chipsets (Haswell-E), Intel® 4th Gen. Core™i5 & i7 Series with Intel Z97 (Haswell)
NVIDIA SLI™ Support, NVIDIA 3-Way SLI™ Support, AMD/ATI CrossfireX™ Support
Memory :
256GB DDR4 max for X99 chipsets, 32 GB DDR3 max for Z97 chipsets
Hard Drive:
6 Internal bays
Optical Drive:
5 External bays