Small Form Factor PCs for Gaming

Falcon Northwest's FragBox Small Form Factor PC provides speed, reliability, and in game performance in a portable desktop computer. When having a great PC on the go is a top priority, FragBox's highly portable, SFF gaming PC will exceed your expectations for resolution and power. Despite it's compact size, each FragBox desktop is built to meet exacting specifications that will satisfy the most experienced gaming enthusiast.

SFF Gaming PC

Falcon's FragBox Small Form Factor PCs are among the best for gaming on the go. Every FragBox SFF PC is built to exceed our clients specifications for looks, performance, and easy portability. FragBox Small Form Factor PCs can be finished out with the attractive paint scheme of choice, and underneath each FragBox Small Form Factor PC's attractive chassis lives a reliable portable gaming PC capable of satisfying the demands of gamers worldwide.

The FragBox: A New Design For a New Decade

Size comparison of the Falcon FragBoxHailed as "PC of the Year" for 2003 by Ziff Davis magazines, our first FragBox Small Form Factor PC design won Editor's Choice awards in publications ranging from Computer Games to PC Magazine.  For an entire decade the FragBox continued to evolve and amaze with the amount of power per cubic inch it could deliver. Now we've completely redesigned the FragBox with more liquid cooling capacity, more graphics cooling capacity, and a sleek new look.

What started as an idea to give LAN-party gamers a portable PC with the power of a desktop turned into the perfect system for anyone that didn't need or want a large tower PC. FragBoxes are used by NASA, the US Military and many corporate clients. They are widely used at tradeshows and other demos where both portability and power are a necessity.  FragBox is half the size of our Talon mid-tower, but one step larger than our Tiki micro-tower design. It adds the punch of dual-graphics capability, 8-core CPU support, and twice the memory capacity.

Falcon Northwest FragBox featuring dual Nvidia TITAN graphics cards in SLI

All this is packed into a case about the size of a shoebox!

This much power in such a small package is perfect for anyone who doesn't need or want a big tower, but also doesn't want to take the step down in performance that comes with most laptops.

The FragBox can carry power supplies up to an astounding 1,500 Watts, Intel® Core i7® processors, up to 32 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, capacity for two standard hard disk drives or four Solid State Drives, and industry-standard micro-ATX motherboards featuring both NVIDIA SLI™ and ATI CrossfireX™ multi-graphics card technology.

Falcon Northwest FragBox closeupThe integrated curved handle is crafted from a single billet of aluminum and makes for easy transportation (or it can be removed if needed). A slot-loading optical drive, upfront USB 3.0 and audio ports are standard. The laser-cut Falcon Northwest logo comes with a soft white illumination, or you can choose from our silver, gold, or copper metal inserts behind the logo if you prefer.  And like all Falcon systems, it can be custom painted with any of our infinite colors and artwork.

It’s all the power of our tower systems, in a little black box.

FragBox Specs

Intel® Core™ 5000 Series with X99 chipset (Haswell-E), Intel® 4th Gen Core Processors on Z87 chipset (Haswell)
NVIDIA SLI™ Support, AMD/ATI CrossfireX™ Support
Memory :
32 GB DDR4 max (X99 chipsets) 32 GB DDR3 max (Z97 chipsets)
Hard Drive:
2 Internal Bays
Optical Drive:
Slot Loading Blu-Ray or DVD/RW