Custom Laptop and Desktop Computers for Gaming

Falcon Northwest builds custom laptop and desktop PCs built for speed, reliability, and performance. When having the fastest computer is a top priority, Falcon's high performance, gaming desktops are the finest computers made. Each of Falcon's custom computers - Mach V, Talon, and FragBox - are hand built to surpass the elite taste of experienced gaming desktop users, even on a budget.

Custom laptop and Desktop PCs for Digital Photography, Graphic Design and Trading

Falcon's custom computers are designed for more than just gaming. Falcon Northwest builds PCs for business applications such as digital photography, stock trading and graphic design as well. Each desktop is built by hand to match your exact specifications. We provide customizable, and reliable desktop and laptop computers capable of satisfying the demands of even the most elite PC enthusiast.

Power for every computing need

Whether you need a large, expandable tower capable of running a dozen drives, or a tiny powerhouse for use in limited spaces, we've got what you need. Each of our desktops is highly customizable with many internal component options, and can be custom painted to look exactly how you want with our Exotix paintwork.  Our desktops come in four case styles:

Desktop relative size -click to enlarge

  • Mach V - Our largest, most capable tower.  Aluminum construction, liquid cooled, hugely expandable.
  • Talon - Our mid-sized tower.  Aluminum & steel construction.  Moderately expandable, moderately priced.
  • FragBox - Our pint-sized powerhouse. Reduced size but still dual-graphics and six-core CPU capable.
  • Tiki - Our Micro-Tower. 40% smaller than a FragBox, Tiki can still handle the fastest single-graphics card configurations

Compare All Desktops

Falcon Northwest Mach V

Each one a custom masterpiece of
handcrafted silicon.


Falcon quality and power,
on a budget.


All the power of a full sized system-
in the size of a shoebox.

Falcon Northwest Tiki Micro Tower PC

The world's fastest micro-tower