• DIY FragBox Kit Review

    The FragBox won their Small Form Factor shootout, and now G4 checks out our Do It Yourself FragBox kit.

  • "Cyber Bob"

    Cyber Bob shows off some great Mach V Exotix paintwork, complete with game-show models that wave their hands over them just like on the Price is Right.

  • The Screen Savers Gaming PC Roundup

    Tech TV shows off Alienware, Voodoo, and our Mach V systems. Check this clip out to see a great demonstration of one of our color-shifting paints in action.

  • Our first Screen Savers spot

    From back in 2000, the Screen Savers looks at a Mach V and an Alienware to see what these new "gaming PCs" are all about...

  • PBS' Computer Chronicles

    An OLD clip, and our very first TV coverage.  The specs of the then "high end" PC are great for a laugh!

  • The Screen Savers FragBox Review

    The Screen Savers does a roundup of Small Form Factor gaming systems.  They pit our FragBox against offerings from Monarch and Voodoo.

  • Tech TV's "Top 20 Holiday Gifts" spot

    Our older FragBox 1 model impresses gamers in Tech TV's visit to a LAN Center.

  • ATI Promo

    Falcon President Kelt Reeves is featured in this ATI promotional video from 2003.

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